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To sign up for a position (details below) or if you have any questions, email

Class Booth Volunteer:

Class booth volunteer locations/dates/times available are:

  • Sherman Oaks (Saturdays, 9:15 AM – 11:15 AM)
  • Long Beach (Sundays, 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM)

Volunteers are scheduled for two hours as noted above. Volunteers must be available for the entire shift. For every booth volunteer shift worked, LARPBO will give you one free group training class. The maximum number of class hours you can accumulate is 10. You may continue to volunteer, but you can only keep a balance of 10 classes.

An experienced booth volunteer will guide you and explain in detail your responsibilities and duties on your orientation day (first day). You will not receive a free class for orientation day.

Class Booth Volunteers are asked to volunteer at least once a month. However, to have sufficient coverage or don’t have over coverage, you must sign up with the Volunteer Coordinator for the dates/hours you would like to volunteer. The last week of every month, an email is sent asking you to sign up for the following month. Volunteers must be on schedule to be credited volunteer hours.

A few things to consider if you do want to booth volunteer:

  • If you do NOT to bring your dog, your entire time at the class booth is credited towards volunteer hours. You will receive a free class pass for future use.
  • If you bring your dog, bring a crate to keep your dog secure and safe while you are manning the booth. If you don’t own a crate, let the Volunteer Coordinator know and we’ll bring one for you. Of course, a second handler may also hold your dog, but must be kept away from the booth when people are checking in.

To redeem your volunteer hours:

  • You sign up and pay for a class through Meetup to hold a spot. 
  • When you check in for a class, let the booth volunteer know that you need to be refunded as a volunteer. 
  • Booth volunteer writes next to your name “volunteer refund.”
  • The booth volunteer sends the sign in sheet to the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will then reverse the $20 Meetup charge. 
Event Booth Volunteer:

Throughout the year, LARPBO will set up our booth at events taking place across Southern California. Volunteers are needed to help set up, run the booth throughout the event, and break down. As soon as LARPBO registration is confirmed for an event, the Volunteer Coordinator will email volunteers with event details and how to sign up.

Event Booth Volunteers need not volunteer at each event. Sign up when you are available. Volunteer hours are minimum two hour increments. For every event you assist, LARPBO will give you one free group training class for each day that you volunteer. The maximum number of classes you can accumulate is 10. You may continue to volunteer, but you can only keep balance of 10 classes.

Pack Walk Host

To become a pack walk host, you must have attended LARPBO Intermediate classes (as you may be asked questions about our classes), pack walks, and shadow a seasoned pack walk host. As a Pack Walk Host, you decide the date/time/location of the pack walk. The Volunteer Coordinator will work with you to set up the Meetup event. As a host, you’ll be notified when comments/questions are posted on that specific Meetup. Please respond to questions in a timely manner.

Most importantly, the Pack Walk Host is responsible in making sure all participants follow the LARPBO pack walk rules. Be familiar with the general guidelines. A Pack Walk Host may excuse a participant from the pack if LARPBO guidelines are not met.

The LARPBO rules are in place for precautionary measures to ensure better control and safety of the dogs and participating members. All members attending LARPBO pack walks are required to follow the same guidelines, including LARPBO leadership team members/trainers who have multiple dogs, owners of certified service and/or therapy dogs, etc. We have not had any issues with any of our dogs in public — and do not plan on it — so we keep to our rules and guidelines as they have made LARPBO a success for lots of pit bull owners.