Be the person your dog thinks you are


The best thing to help you decide if LARPBO is something that can help you is to hear from those who have already found success with us. So below is what our members have to say about what we do to build relationships between our members and their dogs and the friendships that have been forged in the process. With our training classes, swimming/dock diving classes, agility, CGC, packwalks and public events we hope that we have something to offer everyone and we’re always working on growing.

Kelly: (previously an out of state member) My dog Roxy (an AmStaff) and I live out of state and I stumbled upon the LARPBO group while researching pit bull friendly activities and housing. I was immediately greeted by several people who share the same interest in their dogs and the welfare of the breed as a whole. I am really looking forward to meeting new friends and finding activities for Roxy and I to do together.

Thanks to everyone involved in such a cool organization!

Carolyn and Wiggles 2Carolyn: I found LARPBO when looking for training so I could walk my dog without her pulling me down the street. What I got was so much more.

I went to the first class and was horrified as Wiggles lunged at other dogs and wouldn’t do anything I asked. I left in tears feeling frustrated, embarrassed and defeated. When I got home I went on the meet-up page and apologized for my dog’s behavior. I had no intention of ever going back. And then an amazing thing happened… everyone told me not to worry about it. Everyone said they really hoped to see us at the next class. Many people who had amazingly well trained dogs at class told me stories of their first class and described behaviors that I couldn’t believe those calm, trick doing dogs had ever possessed.

Everyone was so nice and supportive that I went back. And Wiggles improved. But even more important, I improved. The beauty of LARPBO isn’t just the training we got (which is a bargain and quite convenient) or the pack walks we go on. I got the benefit of the knowledge of 100’s of people who love their dog as much as I do. LARPBO is a place where I can ask any question, receive tips, share pictures and funny stories as well as frustrations and successes. I have made new friends. I have become a better dog owner and dog advocate.

LARPBO is a place where a lot of very different people come together out of a mutual love for an amazing breed of dog. It is a place where people respect each other and are kind to each other. If I had to sum up what LARPBO has done for me, I would say they have opened my eyes, my brain and my heart.

Neysa and GeorgeNeysa and George: What can my husband George and I say about LARPBO that hasn’t already been said! From the very first drop in class that we attended, we were warmly welcomed. Not just from the trainers and volunteers, but from participants of the class as well. We have seen such improvements in Hercules’s behavior since starting classes, that we even started bringing our 8lb Terrier/Maltese mix (she’s still a work in progress, BOL). We can’t extend our gratitude enough for the hands on training we have received and all the tips and strategies we have learned along the way. What we learned from LARPBO is not just about being a responsible pit bull owner, but being a responsible dog owner period. We are looking forward to continuing to grow with the LARPBO family and raising positive awareness of our pitties!!

Megan: For my family, we love LARPBO because it’s a place where we can go and no one will ever judge our dog just on how he looks. While there are other places in L.A. to take your pit bull for training or socialization, there will almost always be somebody in your class or group who doesn’t want your dog there. LARPBO also doesn’t judge you if your dog needs help with behaviors that many training schools won’t deal with. LARPBO truly believes every dog has potential and won’t turn anybody away who is willing to do the work it takes to help their dog become happier and more balanced. Something else you won’t get at other training classes is the community. LARPBO has a strong on-line member community where we can share successes and ask advice, and there are opportunities to socialize in person by volunteering at events where we promote responsible ownership. The LARPBO community continually inspires me to strive for new levels of achievement for my dog Petey, and the training classes have given me the skills to help him get there.

Anne: LARPBO helped me socialize Katie and make her feel more comfortable being around other dogs. The LARPBO dogs showed her the proper way to greet another dog – not nose to nose and in your face but in a much more civilized manner. Katie got to try out agility and working on drills with other dogs. She learned to listen to me more and I also learned how to communicate with her more effectively. I may not have a pit bull, but I learned so much from this group. Everyone I have met is so nice and knowledgeable about dogs and loves their pets to distraction. I recommend LARPBO and the training at the park to everyone I meet with a dog I think would either really benefit or be a real asset to the group.

odieJim: LARPBO is the place to be….having had a trainer for my 11 month old american pit bull terrier and working with him on my own, I felt I reached a block. I was told about LARPBO and checked it out, did a pack walk and attended a training session and I’m hooked. My eyes were opened up to a whole new world, great people and ther dogs, great trainers and friendly welcome. I now feel endless opportunities for me and my dog Odie, he is set to take his CGC test next week and all the agility and advanced training being available, its great !!!! Also starting volunteering at some of the events is really belping me get connected to the LARPBO family….THANKS LARPBO FAMILY!

Kari: I just wanted to let you know what LARPBO means to our whole family. When we first got Bella Boo, she was scared of everything new. I came across LARPBO by accident and the group has changed our lives. With the help of LARPBO and the trainers, Bella Boo has changed from a fearful, reactive, aloof dog to a well-behaved obedient dog who is happy and who handles new situations in a calm way. LARPBO has given us the tools to work with our dog and help her realize her potential. We have also met really wonderful, supportive people who are united in their love of the “pit bull” breed and who are passionate about being positive and responsible owners and ambassadors!

Laurie: LARPBO has been invaluable for me since I found myself surprisingly adopting a pit bull a little over a year ago. I’ll spare you the story of how that happened. Paloma is my first dog as an adult and my first problem dog. I love her to death but I had no idea how having a dog that’s afraid of her own shadow and other people and other dogs was going to change my life. But LARPBO and Troy Smith have been there from the first. LARPBO of course is not just about problem dogs. The new agility class has 10 dogs in it. Of the 10 only 2 of them are wearing yellow ribbons. But we are THERE. Today she was at agility with 7 other dogs and she got to say hi to Gina Lorraine, Robin Jeffries, Mariana Borges, and Griffin Mekelburg. Nowhere else can I work on her socialization because they won’t allow her. She won’t learn to overcome her fears by being isolated and I wouldn’t be able to learn how to help her without this community. And it is a community. It’s not just about obedience classes. We ask each other for advice and share silly photos of our dogs. There are pack walks and picnics and hikes (more please!). And it’s just been a lot of fun too!

Kristy & RafaKristy: After spending months trying to train a rowdy puppy I stumbled upon LARPBO. Almost 2 years later, thanks to everyone in the group, I have an amazing happy balanced puppy. My dog has earned his CGC, passed through the basic and advanced obedience classes and is now involved in agility. This group has opened so many doors to me and not only helped to socialize my dog, but helped me to make some great friends who care about and love their dogs as much as I do. Friends that I am proud and happy to be with even in non-LARPBO events! It’s not just a group. It’s a true community of pet lovers!
Ian: LARPBO has helped me to understanding proper dog mental & emotional health. It’s allowed me to better know when my dog is happy or afraid, and how to deal with that. In general it’s helped me to understand my dog.

Robin & RileyRobin: LARPBO has helped me understand what responsible dog ownership means. It has given me guidance and assistance towards the goal of providing a balanced life for my dog. It’s helped me understand that training is not something you send your dog to go get, nor does it stop at the door of a 6-week class. Training is life long, and that dogs enjoy challenges!

Most of all it has given me a place where I can connect with other people from all walks of life on the common goal of loving and wanting the best for our dogs. It’s allowed me to feel like I’m a part of something important, something that gives back to the community and that allows me to help people in real, tangible ways. Being able to see people grow with their dogs from week to week, online and in person makes me feel good about what we do. LARPBO is a place where a single person volunteering a small amount of their time can have such a positive impact on so many people.