I Believe I Can Fly


Imagine a world where dogs of all breeds are cherished…

A world where no dog is returned to the shelter because of lack of training, resources and support…

A world where dogs who started life as throw-aways become breed ambassadors…

A world where communities welcome dogs of all breeds…

Can you see it?

LARPBO can. And with your help, we can make it a reality!

We’ve already transformed thousands of lives through our low-cost training classes and socialization activities.  We’ve created a vibrant, active community both in our local neighborhoods and on-line.  And we’re changing minds about Pit Bulls across Southern California with “Tito’s Demo Crew,” an elite group of demonstration dogs trained through LARPBO that have captured hearts and minds at events like NKLA Adoption Events, Woofstock (Beverly Hills), Orange County Pet Expo, and La Crescenta Valley Fair. 

To further our commitment to keeping dogs home and out of shelters, in October of 2018 LARPBO established a Shelter Intervention & Prevention Program (“SIPP”) to:

  • Help intervene where it is deemed dog training would keep the owner from surrendering a pup, and
  • Prevent dogs from being returned to the shelter.

The program includes training shelter dogs in obedience exercises and exposing them to various environments so that they are better acclimated when in their new home. SIPP is funded by supporters who want to help in LARPBO’s endeavor of keeping dogs home and out of shelters. Donors may donate to the program by purchasing group classes for $15 per class. The donor may choose to have LARPBO manage and distribute the vouchers to well-meaning individuals who do not have the means to pay for the classes or choose a shelter of their choice. LARPBO or the shelter will distribute the vouchers to individuals it deems meet the program’s purpose. Click here to donate to the SIPP program today.

For more information about LARPBO’s SIPP program or to purchase vouchers for a specific shelter, contact the program coordinator at sammi@LARPBO.org. 

When you donate now, you’ll be making a better world for dogs and their people who love them.

Won’t you help us today?

All donations are 100% tax deductible.

Los Angeles Responsible Pit Bull Owners. A 501c3 organization.